Protocol for Deflationary Policy

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Total Supply & Burn

Total Burn

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Burn Details

Mass Burn

Mass Burn is implemented upon the Foundation's decision and involves mass WEMIX burn from the Foundation's holdings to promote the stable growth of the ecosystem.

Batch Burn

Batch Burn purchases and burns the WEMIX tokens to stabilize the ecosystem by returning a portion of the Foundation's investment revenues to the community and markets.

Auto Burn

Auto Burn is a mechanism that burns transaction fee according to the variable gas fee formula of WEMIX3.0 and 25% of WEMIX3.0 platform revenues quarterly. Auto Burn scales with the growth of the WEMIX3.0 mainnet and platform.

Total Auto Burn

Auto Burn Chart



  • The information presented above is intended to offer general information about WEMIX BURN Program and should not be construed as an offer to enter into any contractual arrangement or have any legal effect.
  • Any content relating to the burn and purchase of Wemix is subject to the sole discretion of the WEMIX Foundation. This includes decisions regarding the implementation, timing, quantity, ratio, funding, and other relevant aspects. The WEMIX Foundation reserves its right to modify, suspend, or terminate these activities at any time without prior notice.
  • The WEMIX Foundation does not guarantee or promise any form of benefit sharing or distribution to any individual or entity through the implementation of these policies. Moreover, the existence of these policies does not impose any obligation on the Wemix Foundation to engage in the burn or purchase of Wemix, nor does it confer any rights or entitlements to any party with regards to such actions.